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  Salesforce To Unveil New AI Product (Aug-26-16)

  Verint Intros Speech Analytics Tool (Aug-25-16)

  Lenovo Devices Add Microsoft Apps (Aug-23-16)

  Salesforce Unveils Inbox Calendar (Aug-18-16)

  Salesforce Unveils Inbox Calendar (Aug-18-16)

  Windows 7, 8.1 Support Not Dead Yet (Aug-12-16)

  Salesforce Buys Quip for $750 Million (Aug-11-16)

  Google Updates Docs, Sheets, Slides (Aug-11-16)

  Oracle To Buy NetSuite for $9.3 Billion (Aug-03-16)

  Windows 10 No Longer Yours for Free (Jul-29-16)

  Don't Delete Your Flash Player Yet (Jul-29-16)

  Google Docs and Sheets Get Boost (Jul-29-16)

  Salesforce Tool Aids with Compliance (Jul-28-16)

  Say Goodbye to SMS Authentication (Jul-26-16)

  MS Brings Machine Learning to Office (Jul-26-16)

  Apps for Better Public Speaking (Jul-25-16)

  Microsoft Betting Future on the Cloud (Jul-21-16)

  LinkedIn Boosts CRM Integration (Jul-21-16)

  Macy's Tests AI Tool To Boost Service (Jul-21-16)

  Microsoft Moves Skype to the Cloud (Jul-20-16)

  Win 10 Won't Hit 1 Billion Users Goal (Jul-18-16)

  Cozmo Robot Has Easy-To-Use SDK (Jul-12-16)

  Google Tests Post-Quantum Crypto (Jul-08-16)

  Google Buys Video Company Anvato (Jul-08-16)

  Skype Now Free for Biz Meetings (Jul-06-16)

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