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Financial Planning Gets Dose of VR

Financial Planning Gets Dose of VR
Pie charts, spreadsheets and eyes glazing over are the usual markers of financial planning. Fidelity Investments is trying to change that equation with an experiment in 3-D technology.
Resource Center
Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
Barium Ferrite (BaFe) is the future of tape.
#1 endpoint backup is a big claim. Fortunately we can back it up.
Get real-time, cloud-based information services with Neustar.
Protect your network with APC Smart-UPS battery backup.
BMC's I.T. solutions unleash the power of your business.
Protect your data. Learn the top 10 endpoint backup mistakes.
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Bye Pay Phones, Hello Wi-Fi Hubs
Pay phones on New York City streets would become a thing of the past under a plan that would replace them with stand-alone devices offering free Wi-Fi and phone calls as well as mobile phone charging.
AT&T Drops 'Super Cookie' Tracking
The nation's second-largest cellular provider, AT&T Mobility, says the company is no longer attaching hidden Internet tracking codes to data transmitted from its users' smartphones.
LA Police Use Data To Target Crime
Police in Los Angeles are using tech that not only tells officers where crime is most likely to occur but also identifies and keeps track of the bad guys they believe are most likely to commit them.
Yellowstone May Bump Up Bandwidth
Can Old Faithful compete with Netflix? The prospect of streaming wireless service deep in Yellowstone is re-igniting the debate over whether there should be any place off limits to technology.
Internet of Things Will Transform Life
But experts fear for privacy and data.
Review: Is CBS Steaming Worth It?
Good start, but more features needed.
Tim Cook Says Apple Pay a Success
Boasts 'we've only been at it a week.'
NYC To End School Cellphone Ban
Panic for phone-storage mini-industry.
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