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Hackers Exploit Shellshock Bash Bug

Hackers Exploit Shellshock Bash Bug
Security experts are keeping an eye on the Shellshock vulnerability, aka the Bash bug, as a focus for malicious scanning and at least one botnet. But hackers haven’t even begun to test its limits.
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Q&A: Can the Bash Bug Hurt You?
Internet security experts are warning that a new security flaw known as the "Bash Bug" may pose a serious threat to millions of computers and other devices such as home Internet routers.
FBI Slams Apple, Google Over Privacy
The recent moves by Apple and Google to increase privacy protections on their smartphones has drawn strong criticism from the director of the FBI and other law enforcement officials.
Shellshock Bug Causing Chaos
Shellshock is living up to its name. Analysts continue to weigh in on the severity but now point toward solutions. Experts say it’s bigger than Heartbleed, which affected two-thirds of the Internet.
Snowden Given 'Alternative Nobel'
Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden was among the winners of a Swedish human rights award, sometimes referred to as the "alternative Nobel," for his disclosures of secret surveillance programs.
Jimmy John's Breach: Get Used to It
Hacks just another part of life.
Shellshock Attacks Already Found
Patch vulnerable systems ASAP.
Shellshock Bash Biggest Threat Ever?
Hackers can take over servers, systems.
Hackers Try To Crack
Encryption capabilities not up to par.
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