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Music Player Learns Your Tastes

Music Player Learns Your Tastes
The idea behind the $399 Aether Cone is that over time, it learns your listening habits and weighs such factors as whether it's a lazy Sunday morning. It then plays what it thinks you're in the mood for.
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Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
Barium Ferrite (BaFe) is the future of tape.
#1 endpoint backup is a big claim. Fortunately we can back it up.
Get real-time, cloud-based information services with Neustar.
Protect your network with APC Smart-UPS battery backup.
BMC's I.T. solutions unleash the power of your business.
Protect your data. Learn the top 10 endpoint backup mistakes.
Traditional backup is dead! Get the research report.
FBI Warns Against Cell Encryption
The push by tech companies to encrypt smartphone data and operating systems is dangerous, warns Director James Comey, arguing that murder cases could be stalled and suspects could walk free.
Is It a Watch? A Phone? No, It's a Puls
Musician/technologist has unveiled a new wearable smartphone called the Puls. While it's worn on the wrist like a smart watch, the Puls, stressed, is not a watch but "a new paradigm."
Augmented Reality Melds Work, Play
While it really isn't new, augmented reality is now hitting the mainstream thanks to the rising popularity of wearable technology like fitness trackers, smart watches and glasses.
Sony Xperia Hits T-Mobile Oct. 29
Sony is hoping to make a splash in the United States with its latest mobile device. The Xperia Z3 will be available at T-Mobile via a zero-down pricing special starting on October 29.
Samsung Tech Boosts Wi-Fi Speeds
For use in telecom, audio-visual devices.
iRobot Makes Bots Easier To Control
With one Android-based controller.
Highfive: Cheaper Videoconferencing
Aims to boost workplace productivity.
HTC Launches "Re" Flip-like Camera
Great for shooting action videos.
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