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Pregame Film Study Shifts to Mobile

Pregame Film Study Shifts to Mobile
Football game prep on a cell phone or tablet? Hours of digital video of opponents can now be instantly available with the swipe of a screen, thanks to new apps that allow searching and scanning.
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Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
Barium Ferrite (BaFe) is the future of tape.
#1 endpoint backup is a big claim. Fortunately we can back it up.
Get real-time, cloud-based information services with Neustar.
Protect your network with APC Smart-UPS battery backup.
BMC's I.T. solutions unleash the power of your business.
Protect your data. Learn the top 10 endpoint backup mistakes.
Traditional backup is dead! Get the research report.
iWatch Watch: What Will Apple Debut?
There are still more questions than answers when it comes to details about the smart watch Apple seems poised to debut on Sept. 9. In fact, nobody seems completely sure that it will be a smart watch at all.
Get Ready for the Thermal Selfie
Tired of the selfie? Get ready for the "thermie," or as I like to call it, the "hottie." That's when you take a picture of the heat emanating from your body, using an infrared camera on your iPhone.
iPhone 6, iWatch on Tap for Sept. 9?
Save the date. Apple formally announced that its long-anticipated “special event," will take place on September 9. Does the tech giant have the iPhone 6, and the iWatch up its sleeve?
Samsung Debuts a 3G Smart Watch
Following up on the Gear 2, Samsung has unveiled a new 3G smart watch, the Gear S, that stands out in its ability to make phone calls and send text messages without a smartphone.
Multitasking on Mobile Devices
Android gadgets step up to the plate.
Bounty Offered for Oculus Rift Bugs
VR headset now in Facebook program.
Tech Goodies To Bring on Trips
Keep charged, entertained, organized.
Glass Adds Voice Access to Contacts
New features for Google Explorers.
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