Chinese Officials Hack China iCloud

Chinese Officials Hack China iCloud
Chinese authorities are reportedly staging man-in-the-middle attacks on Appleā€™s iCloud to acquire usernames and passwords and all the data stored on iCloud such as iMessages, photos, contacts.
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Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
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Possible Data Breach at Staples
Office supply giant Staples is the latest retailer to report a potential credit card breach. Late Monday, the company revealed it is investigating a possible hack and has contacted law enforcement.
Facebook Unfriends Drug Agency
Social networking giant Facebook wants assurances from the Drug Enforcement Administration that it's not operating any more fake profile pages as part of ongoing investigations.
JPMorgan: Cyberattack Threat Looms
After a breach of its computer systems, JPMorgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon says that more coordination between businesses and government is needed to combat the rising threat of cyberattacks.
SKorea ID Thefts Force Overhaul
After an avalanche of data breaches, South Korea's national identity card system has been raided so thoroughly by thieves that officials say it might have to issue new ID numbers to every citizen.
Dropbox Claims It Wasn't Hacked
Did hackers steal IDs elsewhere?
Banks Harvest Callers' Voiceprints
Biometric data exposes cybercriminals.
Hacking a Big Danger for Small Biz
Many are unaware of the risks they face.
100,000 Snapchat Photos Hacked
Include nude photos of underage users.
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