FTC Slams Tech Support Scammers

FTC Slams Tech Support Scammers
Have you ever been scammed by a tech support service claiming you have computer issues just so the techs can get into your wallet? Many people have -- and the FTC is working to put a stop to it.
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Home Depot Up Despite Breach
Retailer Home Depot's third-quarter profit rose 14 percent as comparable-store sales climbed in the U.S., suggesting that a huge data breach has not shaken the faith of its customers.
US State Department's E-Mail Hacked
The U.S. Department of State's e-mail has reportedly been hacked. But it’s too early to tell if it’s a hacking attempt from a foreign nation -- at least officials aren’t disclosing the suspected source.
China Accused of Hacking NOAA
The NOAA, the agency that operates the National Weather Service, providing critical forecast data to countless military, civilian, and commercial operations, was hacked by the Chinese.
Notorious Hacktivist Shares Methods
Cocaine dealers, robbers and carjackers converge at Manchester Federal Prison, along with Jeremy Hammond, a hacker whose nimble fingers clicked their way into the nation's computing systems.
Hacker-Hit Tibetan Monks 'Detach'
Fight cyberattacks with old adages.
McAfee IDs '12 Scams of the Holidays'
Stay one step ahead of cyber-scrooges.
Govt. Struggles vs. Cyberattacks
With efforts undermined by employees.
Dark Web Sites Challenge Police
Anonymity and illegality mix online.
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