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1. Virgin Mobile Offers Custom Smartphone Plans

July 30, 2014
...think we will see this spreading to other wireless carriers as well over time. The wireless world continues to innovate and change,” Kagan said. “Yesterday there were plenty of potential smartphone customers to sell to. Today they all have a smartphone so competitors must compete against each other.” ...

2. Dell, BlackBerry Not Sweating Apple-IBM Alliance

July 30, 2014
...made a good press release," John Swainson, who heads Dell's global software business, said in an interview with Reuters in Toronto on Thursday. PC maker Dell and smartphone maker BlackBerry are in the midst of reshaping their companies around software and services, as the needs of their big corporate clients morph. Swainson, who spent ...

3. Facebook: You Will Use Messenger, and You Will Like It

July 29, 2014, Windows Phone, Paper, and desktop users will still be able to message in their main Facebook apps or sites. Previously users could chat via a Messages tab in Facebook's smartphone apps. Downloading Messenger turns the Messages tab into a notifications hub that moves users into Messenger when it's tapped. Some observers have speculated that the move ...

4. Android 'Fake ID' Puts Millions of Users at Risk

July 29, 2014
Having this fake ID is nothing to brag about, even if you are a minor. The “Fake ID” Android flaw lets cybercriminals hide malicious code in your smartphone apps. It can swipe your credit card information and even take over your device. Bluebox Security uncovered the malware in Google’s mobile operating system. According ...

5. Microsoft Update to Windows Phone 8.1 Already Coming

July 28, 2014
... Windows Phone 8.1 will also offer support for 1280x800-pixel screens as well as 7-inch screens. The update will also include Voice over LTE support, which will allow Lumia smartphone owners to make phone calls over a 4G connection. Update 1 will include support for qHD (960x540 pixels), but none for resolutions higher than 1080p, prompting some observers to ...

6. Stanford Researchers Report Battery Breakthrough

July 28, 2014
...the Stanford research team. "Battery life has been managed to date by a combination of chipset efficiencies, software intelligence and the growth in the size of smartphones said Nick Spencer, senior practice director at ABI Research. "The battery technology itself hasn't improved in many years." The increased density that a pure ...

7. Samsung Postpones Launch of Tizen Phone

July 28, 2014
The possibility that the Tizen operating system can survive is dropping. Samsung announced Monday that its Samsung Z smartphone specifically designed for the mobile OS and ready for a third quarter launch in Russia, is being postponed. Samsung said in a statement Monday that, in ...

8. Music-Streaming MixRadio To Spin Off from Microsoft

July 27, 2014
...users gives it an edge. He sees Pandora building a large force of local ad sales agents and taking advantage of the growing compatibility between cars and smartphones "Ultimately if you're driving along and you're listening to music that's really interesting versus being force-fed by radio, they'll be less likely to switch channels when ...

9. Nokia Sees Brighter Future Without Handset Unit

July 25, 2014
There is life after mobile phones for Nokia. Shares in the Finnish wireless equipment maker surged Thursday after it reported higher profits and an improved earnings outlook in the wake ...

10. Is the Amazon Fire Phone a Winner?

July 24, 2014
A late entry into a packed category of smartphones Amazon's Fire phone offers a variety of unique features. Now, the reviewers are assessing whether they are enough to make the phone stand out. Many of ...
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