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1. Small Businesses at High Risk for Data Breach

August 26, 2014
...with it?" The big data breaches make headlines -- such as the millions of consumers whose financial secrets were exposed by the Target Corp. hack and the Heartbleed software bug. But for every high-profile case, there are dozens of threats to confidential data held by everyday enterprises: wine shops, dentist offices, colleges, gay and lesbian community centers, ...

2. Can Google Put an End to Zero Day Flaws?

July 16, 2014
... “Beyond securing our own products, interested Googlers also spend some of their time on research that makes the Internet safer, leading to the discovery of bugs like Heartbleed Chris Evans, research herder at Google, wrote in a blog post. “The success of that part-time research has led us to create a new, well-staffed team called Project Zero.” ...

3. Google Sends Hacker Team to Hunt Bugs

July 15, 2014 flaws, called zero-day vulnerabilities by security experts. Zero-day bugs are exploited mostly by criminals, but also sometimes by state-sponsored hackers and intelligence agencies. A prominent recent example is the heartbleed bug that made vulnerable large amounts of online data, including passwords. In announcing the initiative, Google pointed to zero-day vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash Player ...

4. Heartbleed Fallout: Thousands of Systems Still Exposed

June 24, 2014
It’s been more than two months since the Heartbleed bug rocked the Internet world. Although some rushed to patch their systems, a new report reveals that many are still vulnerable to what has been called one of the ...

5. OpenSSL Patches 7 Security Flaws -- 2 Critical

June 5, 2014
If there is any good news from the discovery of the Heartbleed bug that affects OpenSSL, it’s this: security analysts are keeping a closer watch on OpenSSL. And their efforts have paid off. The open-source OpenSSL Project today released a security ...

6. Report: Nearly Half of American Adults Have Been Hacked

May 28, 2014
...pointed out end-of-life issues associated with Windows XP. Microsoft for months urged consumers to upgrade or risk a security breach but many are still using the outdated operating system. The Heartbleed bug also made headlines for weeks. Heartbleed is going to go down in history as one of the worst bugs ever. It could give hackers access to user passwords ...

7. CipherCloud Research Finds Cloud Optimism

May 16, 2014 and visibility solutions to protect enterprise data from unauthorized access. Top Line Findings: • Cloud Adoption -- 11 percent of respondents indicated that Heartbleed data breaches and PRISM revelations have significantly altered their cloud adoption plans, while a full 56 percent said that these issues had little impact on their plans. ...

8. Heartbleed Fixes Not Totally Working

May 9, 2014 worse off, according to a report by Internet services company Netcraft. Many of the vulnerable sites scanned by Netcraft have yet to take any action in regard to the Heartbleed issue. Heartbleed a vulnerability in some OpenSSL installations, was discovered in April. Immediately after the bug was announced, SSL certificates and keys were replaced but ...

9. Are You Taking a Gamble with Enterprise Assets at Risk?

May 9, 2014
...all the legal and technology costs of a data breach, which is why companies increasingly look to a growing line of products to cover damage caused by hidden vulnerabilities like Heartbleed malicious software, Trojan horses or international hackers who steal information for fun and profit. In much the same way drivers with spotless records still need car ...

10. Tech Giants Fund Initiative To Prevent Future Heartbleeds

April 24, 2014
Can more funding prevent Heartbleed vulnerabilities in future open-source software? A new Core Infrastructure Initiative at the Linux Foundation is attempting to find out. More than a dozen major technology companies ...
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