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1. Ruling Against Microsoft Raises E-Mail Privacy Concern

August 1, 2014
...prosecutors want to seize e-mails from providers. Microsoft was supported in the court case by AT&T, Verizon and other wireless providers. It also has the backing of Apple Cisco, Verizon and other tech companies. If Microsoft loses its appeal, those and other tech giants could be forced to hand over customer data stored overseas. ...

2. Android Hits 85 Percent Smartphone Market Share

August 1, 2014
...pegs the mobile platform's market share of smartphone shipments worldwide at nearly 85 percent in the second quarter. Android's growth is apparently coming at the expense of Apples Microsoft's and BlackBerry's market shares. Apple for instance, is now at about 11.9 percent, compared to 13.4 percent in the same quarter last year. Microsoft's Windows Phone platform is ...

3. Apple Sets Up Content Delivery Network, Signs ISP Deals

August 1, 2014
To its list of many assets, Apple has reportedly added a content delivery network (CDN). This network is said to be live throughout the U.S. and some areas in Europe. The CDN's existence ...

4. Surprise! Sony Profit Leaps in First Quarter

August 1, 2014
...division has lost money for 10 years straight, unable to keep up with Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea and other rivals. In mobile devices, Sony has been slammed by Apple Inc. It is unclear whether the latest results mark a first step toward a new Sony, or it is merely eking out profitability by downsizing and ...

5. Samsung Profit Falls as Smartphone Sales Slow

August 1, 2014
...quarter, Samsung forecast it would sell more handsets as there is usually higher demand for consumer electronics during that period. But it would also face higher competition. Apple Inc. is expected to release a new iPhone with a larger screen, the key feature in Galaxy phones that helped Samsung lure consumers from the iPhone. ...

6. New App Helps with Smarter Time Management

July 31, 2014 would best be scheduled, and, as the app learns your habits, the company claims the app can help create a better schedule. Currently, it supports such calendaring services as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange. Prioritization Users are encouraged to prioritize everything they have to do, and the ...

7. BlackBerry Messenger Now Available on Windows Phone

July 31, 2014 from users for too closely resembling native BlackBerry apps. At Tuesday's BlackBerry Security Summit, BlackBerry President John Sims told blog site N4BB that BBM applications for Apples iOS and Google's Android operating systems might get a makeover before long. BBM has more than 85 million active monthly users and 160 million registered users.

8. New 'Backoff' Malware Slips Undetected into Retail Systems

July 31, 2014
...according to a new report released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The "Backoff" malware takes advantage of applications like Microsoft's Remote Desktop and Apple Remote Desktop that let remote users -- telecommuting employees or independent contractors, for example -- connect with a company's in-house computer network. Hackers are employing the malware to connect ...

9. Microsoft Spreads Cortana Abroad in Windows Phone

July 31, 2014
...wristbands. On the software side, the update will now allow so-called "live tile" icons to be grouped into folders, a functionality that has long been available on Apple iPhones and devices that run Google Inc.'s Android operating system. In Windows Phone, however, the tiles show snippets of information from the apps. The folders will ...

10. Oracle Bosses See Smaller Stock-Option Grants

July 31, 2014
...Area News Group. The CEO with the next-closest pay was Zynga CEO Don Mattrick, who was awarded $57.8 million. By contrast, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich got just $9.5 million and Apple CEO Tim Cook received $4.2 million. Aaron Boyd, a corporate pay expert with Equilar, said it's possible Oracle could grant Ellison, Hurd, Catz and the other ...
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