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1. Russian Gang with Stolen IDs Hacks Hosting Company

September 2, 2014
...and passwords to simulate a Web browser login through fake browser software,” the firm reported. “This software simulates the actual login process a user would use if they are using FirefoxSafariChrome to access their Namecheap account. The hackers are going through their username/password list and trying each and every one to try and get into Namecheap user accounts.” ...

2. Mozilla Begins Testing Ads on Firefox Nightly

August 29, 2014
...technical early adopters.” The paid ads do not yet appear on new tabs opened by mainstream users of the most recent and finalized version of Firefox Firefox Nightly is one of four channels delivered by Mozilla. Its other channels include Firefox Aurora, aimed at technical early adopters; Firefox Beta, designed for non-technical early adopters; and the ...

3. Samsung Maps Its Way with Nokia's 'Here' App for Galaxy Phones

August 29, 2014
...pave the way for Nokia to push its location and mapping services beyond its own devices. Nokia previously forged an alliance with Mozilla to bring new location experiences to the Firefox OS. The company also has a maps app for iOS that offers offline capabilities, voice-guided walk navigation, and public transportation directions. The Samsung deal is a sign that Nokia ...

4. Android Hits 85 Percent Smartphone Market Share

August 1, 2014 in Android's ointment right now could be Apple's pending release of iPhones with larger screens, according to Strategy Analytics. Mawston also mentioned Mozilla Foundation's efforts to release very low-priced Firefox OS smartphones, largely targeted at developing countries. Developing Countries Smartphones in general, and Android in particular, are being driven ...

5. Nuance Unveils Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13

July 23, 2014
...Control (using your voice to perform direct dictation, text selection or correction and cursor movement within text) in popular web applications such as Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. For example, simply tell your computer to “Open Internet Explorer,” and from there, use your voice to navigate to Facebook, scroll through your news feed ...

6. How Google's Chrome Browser Eats Your Battery Life

July 21, 2014
...per second when running Chrome, which can raise power consumption by as much as 25 percent. The system clock tick rate for running Internet Explorer or Firefox on the other hand, stays at 15.625ms until the processor is required to do something more demanding (such as play a YouTube video), at which time the rate increases ...

7. Cybercrime Ring Uncovered in Brazil

July 8, 2014
...Brazil were transacted via boletos. The report says the malware appears to affect only boletos generated or paid online via infected Windows-based PCs using Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It modifies the boleto information "so that payments are redirected to a fraudster's account," the reports said. ...

8. Google Says Goodbye to Separate Quickoffice App

June 30, 2014
... WebRTC, a standardized API for browser support of voice calling, video chat and P2P file sharing, is being adopted by Google and Mozilla, maker of the Firefox browser, but Microsoft prefers an alternative called ORTC, or Object Real-time Communications. However, Firefox even though it supports WebRTC, will not yet be able to access Google Hangouts without ...

9. Ohanae Introduces Cloud Privacy Protection Suite

June 30, 2014
...dollars per month, per user, with centralized management capability from an intuitive web interface. Ohanae supports: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows desktop and Store App, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox with the same look and feel on each. About Ohanae California-based Ohanae believes the current cloud-first, mobile-first era requires ...

10. Google Unleashes Myriad I/O Announcements

June 26, 2014
...smartphones in emerging markets. It is a group of hardware reference designs that is intended to boost manufacturers' ability to offer Android phones priced under $100, where Nokia/Microsoft, Ubuntu and Firefox OS have also set their sights. Three India-based providers have already signed on. Cardboard Virtual Reality The virtual reality ...
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