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1. Can One Size Windows Fit All? Microsoft Aims that Way

July 23, 2014
...Google, both of which have separate strategies for app development on laptop and desktop computers and mobile devices. Apple uses Mac OS X and iOS and Google uses Chrome and Android Nadella said he wanted to develop a single operating system that would adapt its layout and controls to numerous environments, including phone, tablet, PC or game ...

2. BlackBerry Offering BES 10 as Hosted Service

July 23, 2014
...announced that BES will now be available as a hosted service from six providers. BES allows customers to utilize the secure BlackBerry network, while managing iOS and Android devices as well as BlackBerry devices. The company said on its Web site that German mobile management company Isec7 will provide worldwide hosting, and three Germany-based companies -- Solvito, ...

3. Internet of Things Comes to DIYers, Thanks to LittleBit

July 23, 2014
...and experts, limiting the power of what's possible and the rate of innovation," said Ayah Bdeir, founder and CEO of littleBits. "With the cloudBit, we're doing for connected devices what Android did for mobile -- making an open, accessible and instantaneous platform. People can now re-create the most popular connected devices, prototype the next billion-dollar idea, or solve their own ...

4. Dropbox for Business Beefs Up Security

July 23, 2014
...and spreadsheets. Previously, search was limited to file names. A new feature in its previously-announced Project Harmony enables a user to see who else is currently sharing a document. The Android app now offers a preview of Microsoft Office documents. Developer tools have been expanded, and two new APIs allow previews and shared folders to be implemented ...

5. Microsoft Makes Design Central to Its Future

July 23, 2014
...for it. Yet a focus on design over compatibility under new CEO Satya Nadella means Microsoft can make products and services for non-Windows platforms, such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android and still retain the look, feel and functionality of the Microsoft brand. Steve Kaneko, a design manager who has been with Microsoft since 1991 and has ...

6. 34 European Banks Hit by Android-Skirting Malware

July 22, 2014
Criminals have been finding gaping holes in Androidbased two-factor authentication systems that banks around the world are using. The result: 34 banks in four countries have fallen victim to a sophisticated spear-phishing and malware campaign known as ...

7. Nvidia Revamps Shield as an Android Game Tablet

July 22, 2014
In an apparent effort to attract hardcore PC gamers, Nvidia is releasing a gaming-focused tablet that works with a new controller. The Androidpowered Shield Tablet, which can also stream games from a PC, uses Nvidia's Tegra K1 SoC (system-on-chip) processor and is the company's first handheld device to be offered for sale ...

8. Contrary to Report, Lenovo's Staying in Small Windows Tablets

July 21, 2014
...The Broadwell chips will begin shipping later this year. The ThinkPad 8 is priced at $400 and the Miix 2 at $300. The company's 7- and 8-inch Android tablets were not at issue. Late last month, there were reports that Microsoft had abandoned previous plans to offer a Surface Mini tablet. According to DigiTimes, ...

9. Google Sells a Million Chromebooks to Schools in Q2

July 21, 2014 no additional cost. Last month, Google announced that its Google Play for Education, a portal for teachers and schools that it launched at the end of 2013 to make Androidbased apps easier to purchase, will now also offer Chrome apps and books. The company has said that about 10,000 schools are using Chromebooks. Recently, Microsoft announced ...

10. Mobile Apps Offer Last-Minute Deals

July 20, 2014
...up their keys at the front desk without a lengthy process. This zip feature is only available for select hotels using the app on iPhones, and will roll out to Android users later this month. Over a recent holiday weekend in New York -- when locals often vacate the city and tourists take over -- HotelTonight still ...
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