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1. Review: Siri-Like Cortana Fills Windows Phone Gap

April 19, 2014
...for asking, Cortana. And thanks for making the Windows phone software better, Microsoft. With the new Cortana virtual assistant, Windows catches up with Apple's iOS and Google's Android in a major way. Microsoft takes some of the best parts of Apple's and Google's virtual assistants and adds a few useful tools of its own. The result is ...

2. With Galaxy S5, Samsung Proves Less Can Be More

April 19, 2014
Samsung Electronics Co. has produced the most formidable rival yet to the iPhone 5s: the Galaxy S5. The device [is] the fifth edition of the company's successful line of Galaxy ...

3. Google, Rockstar Patent Fight Stays in California

April 18, 2014
...favor of Google by deciding that the Apple-backed Rockstar Consortium will have to fight its legal battles in California rather than Texas. Rockstar filed a lawsuit against Google and other Android phone companies last October. Since patent holders have a better track record of winning cases in Texas, Rockstar created a co-plaintiff, MobileStar Technologies in Plano, Texas, so that it ...

4. Earnings and Sales From Google Disappoint

April 18, 2014
...spending heavily on a variety of projects that have little to do with its main business of Internet search and advertising. Some of these ventures, such as Google's widely used Android operating system and Chrome browser, have paid off. Others, including Google's Internet-connected eyewear, driverless cars and Internet-beaming balloons, remain in testing stages. Google is counting on ...

5. Canadian Teen Arrested for Heartbleed Hack

April 17, 2014
...The Telegraph. While the majority of financial and government institutions have already updated their services to a secure version of OpenSSL, it appears as though 50 million Android users could still be at risk. One version of the mobile operating system, Android 4.1.1, is both vulnerable and widely used. The Arrest ...

6. Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

April 17, 2014
You're out on a sales call, and use your Android mobile device to grab a file you have back at the office on your desktop machine. That's a key use case being touted by Google, which on Wednesday released ...

7. Android Malware Targets Facebook Users

April 17, 2014
...organizations really need to run modern anti-malware solutions on computers used to access the Internet. “Second, sideloading is a major vector for malware getting installed on Android devices. Although Android provides a warning about sideloading making your device more vulnerable when you enable it, it seems that warning isn’t strong enough,” Davis concluded. “Maybe they need ...

8. Samsung Tech Experts Take on Apple Patent Claims

April 17, 2014
...landed him in the Internet Hall of Fame. As part of Samsung's overall legal strategy, the experts often noted that Samsung's software features generally depended on Google's Android operating system. Samsung argues that Apple is asserting patent claims that are really aimed at Google and that the technology at issue is Google-based in many respects. ...

9. Zebra Tech Buys Motorola Enterprise for $3.45B

April 16, 2014
... “Symbol could become irrelevant if it doesn’t reinvent itself. These are used in warehouses and shipping docs, so maybe an iPhone isn’t your best bet, but going with an Android or something along those lines and being able to keep concurrency with the operating system may be valuable," he added. ...

10. Google's Ara Modular Phone Set for Sale in January for $50

April 16, 2014
...the conference, held at the Computer History Museum in Santa Clara, Calif., Ara project leader Paul Eremenko admitted to the gathered crowd of about 200 that Google's open-source operating system, Android does not currently support the drivers required for modules. Those drivers, able to support mix-and-match hardware components, are not expected to be ready until December. ...
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