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1. Facebook: You Will Use Messenger, and You Will Like It

July 29, 2014
...with Android and iOS phones will be forced to use the separate Messenger app for their Facebook messages. Facebook said it would stop allowing both iOS and Android users from using the messages tab in its main iPhone and Android apps, instead redirecting users to the standalone Messenger app, which is Facebook's messaging hub. ...

2. Android 'Fake ID' Puts Millions of Users at Risk

July 29, 2014 inject code into other processes,” Young said. As Young sees it, the Android Fake ID vulnerability highlights some of the best and worst aspects of the Android security system. On one hand, he said, Androids open nature attracts third-party security review from white hat firms such as BlueBox, whereas proprietary systems sometimes discourage security research and ...

3. BlackBerry Buys German Security Firm Secusmart

July 29, 2014
...announced that BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10 will be available as a hosted service from six providers. BES allows customers to utilize the secure BlackBerry network, while managing iOS and Android devices as well as BlackBerry devices. German tech companies also play a central role in that announcement. The company said on its Web site that German ...

4. Microsoft Update to Windows Phone 8.1 Already Coming

July 28, 2014
...With the update, new tiles can be added to the folder by tapping and dragging a selected tile into the new folder. A similar feature has long been available in Android and iOS phones. Ken Dulaney, vice president and distinguished analyst at industry research firm Gartner, said the folder feature might have been overdue. ...

5. Samsung Postpones Launch of Tizen Phone

July 28, 2014 otherwise the only OS it uses for its smartphones and tablets. In fact, the South Korean company said last month that it was moving to decrease its dependence on Android Additionally, Tizen or any platform other than Android could allow Samsung to distinguish itself in the increasingly important world of services. Avi Greengart, an analyst with ...

6. Music-Streaming MixRadio To Spin Off from Microsoft

July 27, 2014
...for Microsoft Windows devices. But MixRadio said last week that it's seeking investment to become a standalone company. That means the app, which streams genre-separated, curated playlists, could come to Android and Apple devices soon. "MixRadio plans to become a third-party service, delivered by a separate company, and continue to be preloaded on Microsoft devices," the company ...

7. Review: Amazon Unlimited E-Book Service Is Indeed Limited

July 26, 2014
...does that only for the chapter, while Scribd offers neither. -- Kindle apps are available for a greater range of devices. Oyster works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Scribd supports those, plus Macs and Windows devices. Kindle does all that, plus webOS and BlackBerry devices. Back in 2011, Amazon began making a selection ...

8. Nokia Sees Brighter Future Without Handset Unit

July 25, 2014
There is life after mobile phones for Nokia. Shares in the Finnish wireless equipment maker surged Thursday after it reported higher profits and an improved earnings outlook in the wake ...

9. Sprint Becomes Google Apps for Business Reseller

July 24, 2014
...president of business solution commercialization for Sprint Business. Probably Not Exclusive Business customers can have employees use the service on Google's mobile OS Android or Apple's iOS devices, whether the devices were sold by Sprint or another carrier. Google Apps for Business began eight years ago under the name ...

10. Mounting Momentum: Apple Posts Earnings Gain

July 24, 2014 easier to read and see other features. A bigger-screen iPhone might also tempt consumers already accustomed to the larger screens on a variety of smartphones running on Google Inc.'s Android operating system. Maestri said the iPhone's third-quarter sales growth was strongest in Brazil, India, Russia and China. The gains are testament to the ongoing allure of ...
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