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1. The Business Impact of the IBM-Apple Deal

July 17, 2014
...use as those famous interfaces that Apple delivers. Apple CEO Tim Cook has even said as much to news media. Another impacted area could be in big data Although big data vendors are increasingly marketing their wares as being usable by nondata scientists, such products are often still overly complex to integrate, use, and understand. Marketers, in ...

2. Esri, SAP Team on Business Intelligence Data Mapping

July 16, 2014
...seconds, according to the company statement. The same analysis previously took 3-1/2 hours, said Pieter Den Hamer, big data business intelligence strategy manager for Alliander. Enterprise Data Meets Location Data Esri and SAP first announced they were going to work together to combine geospatial data with business data in July last year, according ...

3. Apple, IBM Partner on Business-Minded Mobile Apps

July 16, 2014
Tech giants Apple and IBM are joining forces to “transform enterprise mobility” with business apps that bring Big Blue’s big data and analytics power to the iPhone and iPad. Could this landmark partnership help Apple gain ground in the business world -- and help IBM gain ground ...

4. Seagate Unveils Networked Drives for Small Businesses

July 15, 2014
...businesses do not have dedicated IT personnel, the storage units employ a new operating system, NAS OS 4, which Seagate described as "intuitive." The company said these drives represent its biggest product launch for small businesses, and that they can be readily set up by such firms. The new OS offers a redesigned Device Manager, so that ...

5. Big-Data Startups Become Targets for Investors

July 14, 2014
...for someone building and amassing valuable data that can be used by lots of companies," Ho said. "Or it's others building the tools and analytics on top of someone else's data There's far more big datafocused companies located in San Francisco than in Los Angeles, Ho said. But she's interested in funding start-ups in Los Angeles and ...

6. IBM Earmarks $3B for Next-Gen Cloud Computing Chips

July 10, 2014 two research and early stage development programs. In short, IBM says it wants to push the limits of semiconductor innovation to meet next generation demands of cloud computing and Big Data systems. Big Blue’s first research program targets “7 nanometer and beyond” silicon technology. The goal there is to address the serious physical challenges faced ...

7. EMC Moves Toward Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions

July 8, 2014
...Splash in the Data Lake EMC also announced several updates to its Isilon OneFS platforms. Isilon represents EMC’s effort to provide a Data Lake” service to customers. Data lakes are designed to be highly scalable data repositories capable of accepting data from a variety of sources. EMC promotes Isilon as the industry’s first enterprise-grade, scalable Data Lake. ...

8. Salesforce1 Mobile App Adds Robust Reporting Tools

July 7, 2014 moves. FFF Enterprises, Iron Mountain and Talent Plus are among the early adopters. "Having instant visibility into business data is no longer a luxury," said Keith Bigelow Senior Vice President and General Manager of big data and analytics at "With Salesforce1, customers can act on business information in real-time." Keyword: ...

9. Salesforce Cloud Takes on Patient Relationship Management

July 2, 2014
...of the platform. The idea is to streamline collaboration between caregivers so they can better support patients. Early plans for the platform include medical device and data interoperability, which will make it possible to collect and analyze data so caregivers can make better healthcare decisions. The platform also aims to let patients take a more active ...

10. IBM Launches Cloud-Based Big Data Service

July 2, 2014
IBM is out with a new big data service for the cloud. The tech giant said on Tuesday its service, called IBM Navigator on Cloud, will allow business content to be more usable across the enterprise. ...
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