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1. Gift Guide: Wood-Themed Tech Gifts for Dad

June 7, 2014
Dads try to stay handsome, and their technology should, too. Items that have a blend of technology and wood can look more exquisite than plastic or metal when included in the construction correctly. I found three noteworthy ...

2. Pebble Smartwatch Set for Prime Time?

November 29, 2013
Tablets are so 2012. iPods are obsolete. Nearly everyone has upgraded their smartphones, and Google Glass isn't yet widely available. So what's the techsavvy gift-giver to do for holiday shopping in 2013? A timely solution may be at hand. Wearable tech may be the biggest trend this year, and ...

3. Nokia Aiming at Low End with Lumia 525

November 27, 2013
Even though the technology market is moving forward and high-end devices are becoming more common in developed countries, low-end smartphones have actually grown in popularity in other nations. Customers in countries such as ...

4. Black Friday Tech Deals: Great for Business Buyers Too

November 26, 2013
...most people think of Black Friday as a consumer shopping day, many of the deals are good for business buyers as well, either for use at work, or as holiday gifts for employees, customers, and associates. If you don't already know what Black Friday is, it's the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S., when retailers and manufacturers ...

5. Amazon Prepping Higher-Res Kindle Paperwhite

November 25, 2013
Amazon is upping its game for e-readers. According to news reports, the giant retailer is coming out with a new Kindle Paperwhite after the holidays that will feature a higher-resolution ...

6. Gartner: Smart Watches Won't Make It Big this Season

November 22, 2013
...firm Gartner has released a report predicting that smart watches will not be big this holiday season. This news comes only a short time after other polls showed that wearable tech will have a hard time catching on in the U.S. and will not become a big market for quite a while. Once you combine smart watches' ...

7. Microsoft's New Scroogled Products Highlight Privacy Issue

November 21, 2013
...Is it Funny? “To this day, Microsoft doesn’t command huge loyalty among users. If you can offer somebody a lower cost alternative to a Microsoft technology they are just as likely to take it as not. Whereas other brands, not so much,” Frankel said. “And Microsoft, because it has never had any personality or brand ...

8. Lenovo Unveils Yoga Tablets, Casts Ashton Kutcher

October 30, 2013
...have paid off, with Lenovo becoming a market leader in the convertible PC and tablet markets. Celebrity Attention Why a technology company would announce hiring a movie star as a product engineer is up for debate, but that is what Lenovo has decided to do. That being said, Kutcher does ...

9. Consumer Focus To Be on Small Tablets for Holidays

October 21, 2013
Since Apple came out with the iPad, the tablet market has grown exponentially, and based on recent studies, it may well become just as important as the desktop and smartphone ...

10. Inexpensive Unu Tablet Also Acts as Media Center

October 12, 2013
A tablet that acts as a gaming console and as a smart TV controller. The new Android-based Unu media station is ready to take up those roles, for a price ...
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