Information for Public Relations Professionals

Please note: we focus on daily news and therefore do not distribute an editorial calendar.

We appreciate your efforts to advance your company's or client's public relations positions. The following is intended to explain our policy with regard to PR pitches, and the ways in which we would like to work with you.

Contributed content & press release distribution

CIO Today Network values your news, feature articles, and contributed articles. Through a partnership with NewsFactor Content Services, we are able to share your news and contributed material with our audience of business and technology decision-makers.

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Please allow us to initiate contact

The single, most important contact between our reporters and you is, in our view, your ability to quickly connect them with a newsmaker or expert source to provide comment on a breaking news story, or in the context of a feature report that we initiate.

Please do not contact us by phone, unless you are responding to a specific inquiry from one of our reporters or editors. Please allow us to initiate the contact.

How we select news for coverage:

We publish news on the Web continuously. Our editors decide which news stories we cover, based on their analysis of the overall quantity and significance of the day's top stories. We also automatically analyze our readers' choices of articles, and we gear our coverage to their choices.

Over the past several years, our readers have demonstrated interest in news from companies with whom they are familiar. The companies of greatest interest to our readers include "household names," as well as other companies that advertise on our publications, because our readers are most familiar with their brand-names.

Our research has shown that our readers have very little interest in news releases about minor software upgrades, personnel announcements, or customer acquisitions. Instead, we focus our resources on covering the top tech and top business news of the day.

Since we incur costs with regard to each article we assign for coverage, our goal is to select stories that most closely match our readers' interests.

How we develop feature topics:

Our editors confer on a regular basis to discuss new technologies and emerging trends in the context of brainstorming feature ideas. Some of those ideas are then approved by management, and budgets are set for production.

As a practical matter, we rarely, if ever, have incorporated PR pitches into our feature budget. However, we always interview well-known industry sources for comment in our features and news stories, and therefore appreciate your ability to put our writers and editors in touch with expert sources when we initiate the contact.

Policy regarding embargoed news:

We ask that you do not send us any announcements that would require an embargo. We are able to cover important news within hours of the time it breaks, so we do not require advance notice. We will consider any announcements sent to our newsroom as public knowledge at the time we receive such information. Please do not expect us to withhold important news from our readers, nor to set up an internal system to track each company's specific embargo schedule.

Best way to help our editorial team:

Please keep in mind that we are ALWAYS on deadline and appreciate your prompt assistance.

Our editorial team does not accept inbound phone calls, except for return calls. All other editorial contact is handled via email, through our site(s).

Please allow us to initiate the contact, and help our reporters connect quickly with your newsmakers and expert sources when we call or email for comment.

We do not publish our editors names or email addresses, and it is not necessary to add us to your email distribution lists for press releases. We have immediate access to all news through the Web.

Best way to reach our audience:

We have found that companies are most successful reaching our audience when they use a combination of advertising, content marketing, and PR.

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