LiveOps CEO Interview Reveals Growth Rate and Future Products -- Marty Beard Claims 80% Y/Y Gains and An Eye on Video
PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 23, 2012 -- Marty Beard, CEO of LiveOps gave new insight into the company's growth and expansion plans, as well as details on how their customers are dealing with the explosive growth in non-traditional communication channels.

During the live Google Hangout with Russ Fordyce, Managing Director of the Business Intelligence Group, Beard claimed that in the past 12 moths they have experienced 80% growth.

This is in large part due to the demand for software to deal with the various channels consumers are using to reach out to companies. Beard said, "We are now seeing environments in some of our customers where [voice] has dropped down to 50% and it has been replaced by tweets, texts on Facebook, web chats, email and text messages."

According to Beard this change is not reducing the volume of interactions with contact centers, but just the opposite. The technology consumers are using, from their PC's browser to their mobile phone, allows them to get the help they need in an instant.

Beard's LiveOps offers cloud based software and services that allow companies the ability to manage all those communications inside a single browser window with nothing hosted on site, and no new equipment to buy. Customers include both large enterprise organizations, as well mid-market companies.

What's on the horizon? Beard discussed international expansion, a stronger indirect channel program and claims that there is a movement to video, something Beard thinks will be the next wave of interactions between agents and consumers.

In 2012 LiveOps Insight, the company's dashboard in the cloud, was awarded a Big Award Product of the Year.

The replay of the entire interview is available on the Business Intelligence Group's website at