A celebrated smartphone tipster said Motorola phone fans will not be wasting their chalk counting down to a Monday arrival date when Motorola Moto Maker, the Moto X phone customization service, breaks out of its AT&T customization service cage and flies wider, to the other three major carriers as well.

The tipster "evleaks" has sent out several tweets about Motorola's made-in-America Moto X phones. Shown were color-customized smartphones bearing a Verizon logo and text that said, 'almost there." The image @evleaks showed the handset in fashionable shades of pink, green, blue and white.

The news that Moto Maker support is coming to all the four major U.S. telecom operators was in the form of a leaked screenshot showing a checkout section of Moto Maker listing selections with the four carriers, including Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

The phone buyer has a "truly mine" feeling when a decision is made to make use of the online service (which Motorola would prefer to think of as a "studio") dubbed Moto Maker. The customer picks colors and details: front, back, accents, memory and wallpaper. After the selections are made, Motorola assembles the phone in its U.S. factory.

Customization as Deal-Maker

For smartphone watchers easily motivated by new shelf items, smiles and salutes followed the news that MotoMaker customization would no longer be exclusive to AT&T.

Libertyville, Ill.-based Motorola Mobility, acquired by Google, has been considered as a "new Motorola" turning to the present-day consumer with a message that the company would offer a standout difference in its phones, namely, personalization, in the form of customization options.

Moto Maker's customization Web software will allow people to customize their mobile devices according to back, front and accent colors as well as other features to their liking. Analysts generally agreed that, while the Moto X specs were respectable, a customization sales model could drive the handsets toward survival and maybe more in a highly competitive market.

Watching for Moto G

"Google is great at software; Motorola Mobility is great at devices. The combination of the two makes sense and will enable faster innovation," said Google at the time of the acquisition news.

Meanwhile, Moto G watchers await details about an event set for Wednesday in the form of a "save the date" message from Motorola for this low-priced alternative to the Moto X. Motorola posted a line about the pending Moto G: "Time to say hola, ola, g'day, hallo, bonjour, namaste, hello to #MotoG." The "hello" variants suggest the company is looking at countries that include Spain, Portugal, France and India, among others, when it launches.